TACO PRONTO has been owned and operated in Wichita since 1974 by Ken & Linda Thrush and sons Jason and Joe. Our mission statement has always been to serve fresh ,affordable food in a clean friendly professional atmosphere. We are so grateful for our great staff and credit them for being able to serve 3 generations of loyal customers.

Please come in and let us serve you. We are located at 7333 W. CENTRAL & 8385 W. 21st.

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Great Taste, Great Value – Fast Mexican at Taco Pronto
by Steven (1 review)
May 09, 2010 – Likes it
Taco Pronto has been one of my family’s favorite fast food restaurants for a couple of years now. It replaced Taco Bell as our fast Mexican restaurant of choice.

Taco Pronto is very good fast food, and light on the grease. Between the five of us (me, my wife, and three kids), there’s nothing on the menu we don’t eat. Favorites of the family are: quesadillas, tacos, burritos, sanchos, taco burgers, the monterrey, and—-my personal fave—cheese enchiladas.

VALUE for a family of 5, Taco Pronto has proven to be a great value. The prices are decent to begin with, but Taco Pronto sweetens the deal in two ways:
1) The Money-Saver Combo. $3.99 gets you two tacos, a burrito, and a soft drink.
2) Daily Specials. Each day of the week, Taco Pronto offers a different item on special.

Three other things I love about Taco Pronto:
1) The people. Taco Pronto is home-grown and very friendly.
2) Dessertos. Wonderfully delicious flour chips, liberally covered in cinnamon and sugar.
3) Crushed Ice and Coke.

1) We have visited Taco Pronto greater than 15 times the last year.
2) Taco Pronto has two locations, both on the west side of Wichita: Central and Ridge, and another on 21st St, halfway between Ridge an Tyler.
3) The web site is:

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