Jimmie’s Diner

3111 N. Rock Rd. 636-1818
1519 S. George Washington Blvd.

Wichita’s family tradition began when Walter L. Anderson started the nation’s first hamburger stand in a rented and remodeled street car. In 1921, thanks to his outstanding service and delicious menu, the fourth establishment was built, which became one of the most famous burger restaurants in the Midwest: White Castle.

By 1938 A.J. King, former White Castle employee, and wife, Alma Jane [A.J.] Highfill purchased this popular hamburger chain, changing its name to the now known Kings-X Restaurants. The A.J.’s dedication and passion led the Kings-X Restaurants to succeed even through the rough times of World War II, quickly expanding throughout the city.

People loved the quality of the food, the service, the cleanliness and affordable prices of the restaurants, which to this day has never changed. A.J. King’s son, Wayne, built Jimmie’s Diner in 1987 as a tribute to his father, continuing the Wichita family tradition

Jimmie’s offers breakfast, burgers, salads, sandwiches, shakes and much more.

User Review

Milkshakes are great, hamburgers are good. Food is freshly cooked, and they serve a mean, mean breakfast.

Outstanding food and service. This is a local treasure of when food had a taste and was not mass produced. Worth the trip everytime. The Blue Plate rocks!!

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