Kyle’s Mom’s Pickles

Kyle’s Mom’s Pickles is a family run business, locally owned and made in Wichita. While these pickles have been in the family for years and years they have only been for sale (unofficially) for about five years. One day, Kyle decided to share them with his coworkers at Cessna. They loved them!! “You should sell these, they would exclaim. As worker after worker entered the break room, they would be encouraged to try them. “Why, What are they?’ to which others would say, “They are Kyle’s Mom’s Pickles!!” And the rest is history…

Kyle later took a marketing course and had to build and sell a product at the Professor’s directions. He had to present the “fictional” product at semester’s end. Kyle’s wasn’t fictional, though. He even brought a full jar of pickles to class to share with his classmates. Kyle got an A and the professor said, “You’ve GOT to make these pickles FOR REAL!!

So now Kyle’s Mom’s Pickles recues backyard and indoor chefs alike from boring burgers/barbeque dishes. Once people try these dill pickles bathed in a sweet and spicy juice, they swear they will never go without them again! They perfect any burger, potato salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, sandwich, chili and whatever else you can imagine! Some customers blend them up for a great relish or even fry them!

We have just started pursuing local businesses to carry our pickles. WB Meats in Ark City, KS currently has them. They will be available at All Things Barbeque on Douglas St. here in Wichita, in late June or early July. We also deliver in the Wichita area on the first and third Thursday of every month for orders of two jars or more. Jars are $5 each.

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