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We’ve come a long way since the beginning of our Legacy in 1886, but here are some of our major milestones, and other events we’re just really proud of.

A little bit of history.

On November 10, 1885, shortly after the beginning of the town of Colwich, Charles Hyde, a homesteader, businessman, farmer and area postmaster, met with fellow pioneers F. R. Hazard, J. M. Massey, J. W. Almack and J. M. Cox to organize the Bank of Colwich. Although not an active officer, Hyde was elected President, and the doors opened for business on February 22, 1886. A certificate of organization was filed with Sedgwick County Register of Deeds on the following day.

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As a result of new legislation in 1891 requiring state banks in Kansas to be chartered, the Bank of Colwich was re-chartered “The State Bank of Colwich” on September 9, 1891. In 2000, the Bank changed its name to Legacy Bank to accommodate its expansion into other communities.

A two-story bank building was erected and completed in 1886 on the northwest corner of Wichita and Colorado streets, built from bricks manufactured in Hyde’s Wichita and Colorado Calorific Pressed Brick Company, located on the banks of the Cowskin. The Colwich Courier labeled the building a “staid solid institution”. Remodeling in 1948 saw the removal of the second story, and the 100-year old building still stands, now stuccoed and painted yellow.

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The bank’s present Colwich facilities were built in 1961 at the northeast corner of Third and Wichita streets, and expanded to present size in 1979. Colwich remained the Bank’s only location until 1992 when a branch was opened at 8725 W. Central. A third branch opened in 1997 at 21st and Woodlawn, with a fourth branch following in 2000 at 21st and Ridge Road. In 2005 a new facility was built at 37th Street North and Ridge Road as the new headquarters.

The Suellentrop family began its association with the State Bank of Colwich when the Clemens Suellentrop and Adam Spexarth families purchased a major interest in the Bank early in 1911. Clemens Suellentrop, the cashier and chief executive officer of the bank, and his son, John A. Suellentrop, began operating the bank at that time.

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John A. Suellentrop became president January 8, 1937 and served in that capacity until his retirement in 1972. He is the father of former bank presidents John F. Suellentrop and Clem J. Suellentrop, and Robert C. Suellentrop, former vice president, who died in 1978. He is also the grandfather of Frank A. Suellentrop, the current president, and uncle of B. W. Spexarth, former executive officer of the bank.

Adam Spexarth, who served on the board for many years, is the father of former board chairman, Ben J. Spexarth, and grandfather of Bernard W. Spexarth, former chairman, and Paul Spexarth, current board member.

John F. Suellentrop, president of the State Bank of Colwich from 1972 to 1988, began part-time in 1935 and was elected to the board January 20, 1948.

Clem J. Suellentrop also began part time in 1937. Elected to the board in 1948, he has served as president from 1988 to 1990. Clem is the father of Frank A. Suellentrop, who began employment at the bank in 1973, and is the current bank president.

A Breakdown of Dates

  • February 22, 1886 – Bank of Colwich opened for business- located on the Northwest corner of Wichita and Colorado in Colwich, KS. We battled with, and survived the drought of the late 1880’s.
  • September 9, 1891– Bank of Colwich was re-chartered “The State Bank of Colwich”. We even survived the economic depression of the 1890’s.


  • Early in 1911 – Clemens Suellentrop purchased major interest in the bank. This marked the beginning of the Suellentrop association. The Suellentrop Family has maintained ownership, leadership since that time.
  • March 6th 1933 – During the Great Depression President Roosevelt closed all banks in the nation for several days. During that time congress passed an Emergency Banking Act that would allow only banks with an adequate financial structure to reopen. The State Bank of Colwich was one of only three in western Sedgwick County to do so. This success was due to the leadership of Clemens Suellentrop.
  • January 8th, 1937 – John A. Suellentrop was elected President of the Bank. We survived World War II of 1941, and saw a large increase in bank membership during this time.
  • October 4, 1956 – The State Bank of Colwich was admitted to the FDIC.
  • 1961 – Current Colwich facility was built at the Northwest corner of third and Wichita
  • 1972 – John F. Suellentrop became President of the bank, and his brother, Clem J. Suellentrop, became Vice President.
  • 1988 – Clem J. Suellentrop became President of the bank.
  • 1991 – Frank A. Suellentrop became President of the bank.
  • 1992 – Central and Tyler location was added.


  • 1997 – Woodlawn and 21st street location was added.


  • 2000 – The present name of Legacy Bank was adopted, and the 21st and Ridge Rd. location was added.

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  • 2005 – Ridge Rd. and 37th street location was added.

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  • In 2012 Legacy Bank acquired Alliant Bank in Sedgwick, Kansas giving us our sixth branch location.

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