Our Legacy

Dear Valued Customers,

With so many different banking choices out there, we appreciate your confidence and support that you have as a customer of Legacy Bank. Legacy Bank is a community bank. You may be asking yourself what is a community bank and why does it matter?
A community bank is a locally owned and operated business. When you bank with a local bank, your dollars are reinvested in the local economy through loans. Your dollars stimulate the economy in your community making it a better place to live and work for generations to come.
We encourage local small businesses to bank local with a community bank if they haven’t already. I have no doubt that they’ll be satisfied with the superior customer service, market knowledge and common-sense products that come with banking locally at a community bank.
Our commitment at Legacy Bank is to serve our communities with outstanding service with a wide variety of well-tailored financial products, access to highly trained professional bankers, and a high level of quality care. We pride ourselves in our rich heritage built on integrity, honesty and sound business practices.
Legacy Bank offers professional support on all levels of banking. We provide valuable advice to you on your personal and business management goals.
We also support our community by supporting the people and businesses that are our customers. At Legacy Bank We actively support numerous community and charitable events through donations, sponsorships and employee involvement.
Legacy Bank is a proud member of our communities. Our business succeeds when our local economy succeeds. If we each support our local businesses our local economy improves, which will lead to healthier community.
Again, on behalf of Legacy Bank, I thank you for your support and confidence. As Legacy Bank continues to grow, our commitment remains the same: We promise to build a legacy through relationships, services and solutions.

Frank A. Suellentrop

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