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Changing Banks Just Got Easier!

Our switch kit takes the confusion out of moving your account.
Come build a Legacy with us. We have what it takes to fund your future.

Switching Made Easy

When it comes to banking, you have many choices. Changing banks can be challenging, so we have provided the forms to help make the switch easier.

Here are five steps to help make your move to Legacy Bank:

  • Step 1: Open a Legacy Bank checking and/or savings account
    • Stop by any of our five locations and a customer service representative will help you choose the account that is right for you.
  • Step 2: Stop using your old account
    • Leave sufficient funds in your old account to cover all outstanding checks or automatic payments.
  • Step 3: Add the security and convenience of direct deposit
    • For direct deposit, complete the Authorization For Direct Deposit form within this kit — make copies of this form for each additional direct deposit.
    • Provide your employer or retirement investor with a voided Legacy Bank check or deposit slip, and verify when the direct deposit will begin.
    • Complete the Direct Deposit For Federal Benefit Payments form within this kit, for any Social Security direct deposits you may have — you can also call Go Direct at 1.800.333.1795 or visit
  • Step 4: Change any automatic payments to your new account
    • For recurring automatic deductions or payments, complete the Authorization To Change Payments form available in this kit — make copies of this form for each additional automatic deduction or payment.
  • Step 5: Close your old account
    • Once all of your outstanding checks and payments have cleared it is time to close the account.
    • Submit the Authorization To Close My Account form to your current financial institution.

It’s that easy! You have our commitment that we will do our very best to understand and meet your financial needs. Thank you for making the switch to Legacy Bank. If you have any questions please call us at 316.260.3711.

Please use the form below to make your switch to Legacy Bank!
Important Note: You'll fill the form out online, print it, and take the physical copy to the company with which you currently have an account. Refer to steps 1- 5 listed above for a detailed description of each form and the process in which they must be turned in. If you have questions, contact us!

Direct Deposit and Automatic Payment Checklist

Use this checklist to verify your direct deposits and automatic payments.

Direct deposits to my Legacy Bank account:

Employer payroll
Social Security
Pension/Retirement plan

Automatic payments from my Legacy Bank account:

Home insurance
School loan
Auto loan
Auto insurance
Cable/Satellite TV
Cell phone

Authorization for Direct Deposit

Company Name/Employer

I authorize you to electronically deposit my net pay each pay period to my Legacy Bank account listed below.

Account Number

Select one of the following:


ABA routing number: 101107886

Please use the following information and signature as authorization, or contact me with any questions.

Name (First, Middle, Last)
Street Address
Daytime Phone
Social Security Number
Employee Number (If applicable)
Signature (required)

Staple your voided Legacy Bank check or deposit slip to this completed form and mail or deliver to your company’s payroll department.

Authorization to Change Automatic Payments

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to authorize the change of my automatic payments from my old checking account to my new account at Legacy Bank. Below you will find the information necessary to fulfill this request.

In reference to the account I hold with your company:

Company Name
Account Number
(if applicable)
Name (First, Middle, Last)
Street Address
Daytime Phone

Please discontinue making payments from my account:

Old financial institution name
ABA routing number
(first 9 digits located at the bottom left corner of your old checks)

Account number

I hereby authorize any future automatic payments to be taken from my new checking account at Legacy Bank.

ABA routing number: 101107886

Legacy Bank account number

Please send me written confirmation of when the change will be effective.


Authorization And Request to Close Account

To whom it may concern:
I/we hereby request that you close the following bank account I/we maintain with you.

Bank Name
Account Number
Name (Primary)
Name (Secondary)

Please forward all my funds remaining in the account to my/our attention at:

Name (First, Middle, Last)
Street Address
Daytime Phone

Please contact me/us regarding any questions.


To complete the Direct Deposit For Federal Benefit Payments form please continue by clicking the "next" button above. A link for this form and the Privacy Act Notice will be listed at the top of the screen.
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